About Us

In the early 1980′s, Arthur Humbert and Tony Pawson had an idea to form a Commonwealth Fly Fishing competition. They were both involved in organising the world events and felt (even in those days) that something was missing from competition fly fishing, i.e. friendship, camaraderie, enjoyment etc. All of these ideals were to be encouraged in the commonwealth fly fishing event and to this day these ideals are continued by all teams involved.

With the history of this event in mind the English Commonwealth team and committee strive to carry out the dreams of Tony and Arthur, to promote friendship amongst Commonwealth nations, camaraderie with in the teams to enjoy the sport of fly fishing and most importantly to exclude politic.

Our team members are carefully picked not only for there ability and eagerness to win, but also for there passion to promote fly fishing around the world and to act as England’s ambassadors to the sport.

Dave Grove

Team Captain